Pyrolithic stone refers to the manufactured 100% natural stone material that is made by GEOLUxE. The word pyrolithic is made up of three separate words that describe the GEOLUxE product. Here is an infographic explaining the concept:

So how does this manufactured stone with a funny name actually measure up to traditional granite? Well here are some of the benefits to GEOLUxE compared to regular granite:


  • Nonporous – GEOLUxE is a nonporous material meaning spills will not stain it like normal granite countertops
  • Etch Resistant – Cleaning has just got a lot easier, you can use normal household chemical s to clean the countertop without the need for special granite solutions
  • High Strength – Chip, crack, and scratch resistant means GEOLUxE can stand up to your everyday household use
  • Heat Resistant – This means that you can put hot pots or pans right onto the counter
  • UV Resistant – The countertop will not fade or change color even in direct sunlight
  • Surface Finish – With its manufactured finish

For more information about GEOLUxE “pyrolithic stone” visit their website here:

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