Everyone wants their home to feel open, inviting, and fresh. While there are many interior design methods to drastically change the layout and flow of your home, sometimes all it takes is a little change of color or material. Below are a few design tactics to help improve the look, feel, and flow of your home, without completely breaking the bank.

Lighter Materials Make Spaces Appear Bigger and Brighter

You’d be surprised at how a simple change of color can make a space feel bigger. For example, by choosing white cabinets and granite countertops of a lighter variation, your space will feel fresh and bright. If you are working with a small space, unifying the cabinets, countertops, and appliances will help the space flow more, as it creates continuity.

Use Similar Design Schemes Throughout Your Home

Again, continuity helps with the overall flow of your home. It’s okay to switch up the design scheme in each room if you please. But to maximize the flow of your space, it’s beneficial to incorporate complementary design elements throughout your home. For example, if each bathroom had drastically different materials and colors, it may come off as unruly. If you use neutral and complementary design schemes throughout your home, it’s easier to incorporate pops of color, since neutral elements go with everything.

Incorporate a Unique Feature

If your space is looking too bland, don’t be afraid to step outside the box! Incorporating a cool accent wall using a unique backsplash layout will serve as a statement piece to beautify an otherwise neutral design scheme. Or choose a granite countertop with a unique color variation that will stand out from the rest of the space!

By using these design tactics, your kitchen and bathroom spaces will become fresh, open, and inviting to all who enter your home. Looking to freshen up your kitchen or bathroom? Take a look at our services and give Granite Creations a call at 413-596-3144 today!