You’ve spent a long winter stuck inside from the cold. Now that spring has finally come, imagine a beautiful Saturday on a sunny spring day. Walking outside, you feel the sun gently warm your skin as you breathe in fresh, spring air. You recline your lawn chair to enjoy a refreshing drink while listening to your favorite music, and later using your new, outdoor kitchen to flip fresh burgers on the grill. There’s no need to leave your house to enjoy the great outdoors when you have the comfort of your own custom granite patio and fire pit. Granite Creations wants to help your imagination come to life by providing comfort with personalized, affordable outdoor renovations this spring. 

  • Relax
    Take a break from your busy schedule without going too far. Outdoor renovations give you the possibility to relax in the own comfort of your backyard, and provides a sense of escape from your hectic schedule.
  • Enhance your backyard 
    A granite patio is a worthwhile investment. It’s a relaxing outdoor space steps away from your home, it boosts the beauty of your backyard, and adds value to any home. 
  • Have fun with family and friends 
    Adding a patio to your home provides you with space to entertain. Host your child’s birthday party outside, or spend a day barbequing with friends – a patio gives you the necessary assets to enjoy the company of your loved ones in a fun environment.
  • Stay warm with a fire pit
    Stay warm on chilly evenings and extend the warmth of spring and summer well into fall with a natural stone fire pit. Granite creations will create and build your custom fire pit!


Granite Creations wants to help your backyard reach its fullest potential with custom outdoor renovations, natural stone fire pits, and beautiful outdoor granite countertops. Let us help you embrace these upcoming months with new landscape. Call Granite Creations today for a free consultation at 413-596-3144.