Buying granite is a great way to improve your home’s aesthetic value but with such a huge investment into granite, choosing the wrong contractor can be a big mistake. When looking for a contractor it’s important to choose a contractor who has been involved with the granite industry for a while, has a great record with the better business bureau and listens to your input. Granite Creations fits all of those qualities and has been a fabricator and installer of granite, quartz, surfacing and other natural stones since 1992.

Large or small company?

The size of the company you purchase from can greatly affect the quality service and end product depending on whom you choose to work on your granite counter tops. Larger companies will tend to polish off the granite job with a wax seal, which will wear away over time. Smaller companies, like Granite Creations, will polish your granite with a more protective coating, giving your counter tops or backsplashes a better shield from corrosive agents.

In house installation?

An important distinction between granite fabricators is there policy on installation. Many larger companies will outsource their installation services to a third party contractor. Although this will get the job done, the quality of service will dip since you have not personally met with the installers beforehand. Granite Creations will do the installation services themselves, personally taking care of the project on their own.

Are they knowledgeable?

Having a contractor who knows their profession is a quality you should look for in every installation you embark on. Granite Creations will not only be knowledgeable but they will be willing to share and inform you on granite. Having someone who is willing to educate you shows the dedication the contractor has towards their own line of work and the respect they have for their customers.

Granite Creations, Inc. has one of the largest counter top inventories in the area. For the best in natural stone, turn to Granite Creations for an estimation and installation. Give us a call at 413-596-3144 for more information and a free consultation.