Making the decision to purchase a granite countertop is a major financial investment for your home. You want to ensure you are getting the best quality product and installation services for your money, so here are some important questions to ask before buying granite.

“Can I look at the granite slab?”
The samples shown in the store are often too small to show accurate coloring and texture, especially if you’ve selected a piece of granite that has varying patterns throughout. You’ll want to know exactly what it’ll look like before you make a purchase, so ask to see the actual piece of granite. You should also inspect the slab for small cracks and natural pits that may lead to more serious damage in the future.

“Who will install my granite?”
If someone is going to be in your house installing your granite countertop, you should choose a person you can trust. Ask if a reliable employee or a subcontractor will be installing the granite, and maybe even try to get some details about their previous experience. This will give you peace of mind the employee is reliable and the work will be of quality. It is also a good idea to make sure the company is insured before you make any final decisions.

“Is there a warranty?”
It is crucial to ask if the granite and installation comes with a warranty. Buying granite is a big investment in your home, so you want to make sure your product stays protected throughout its lifetime. Don’t forget to ask how long the warranty lasts and what’s included.

“Will the sealer be applied during installation?”
Because granite is porous, a sealer needs to be applied to protect it from staining and natural wear and tear. If the installer does not apply a sealant during the installation, you may want to shop elsewhere for your granite. If you don’t mind having to do it yourself, ask the installer what type of sealer they recommend and if they have any tips of how to seal the granite.

“What are your seaming standards?”
Before making a purchase, ask the installer how they do their seaming, so you can be sure you’re getting quality work. The edges can look better or worse, depending on how the slab of granite was fabricated. Also, make sure the installer uses a suction-automated seam machine, which ensures the seams are level and properly held in place.

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