When choosing your next home installation involving stone, the question will inevitably pop up as to what stone do you use? Although the colors, patterns and other aesthetic qualities of the stone you choose will make the biggest difference, there are many other factors that you should think about before making a final choice.


This natural stone is very beautiful but has the most susceptibility when it comes to dropped items. This stone is much more porous and softer in comparison to granite or quartz allowing food and liquid stains to easily stain marble. It’s highly suggested that marble be used for areas that experience less traffic and activity like surrounding a fireplace.


A very popular choice for countertops and stone installations around the house, this stone is dug straight from the earth in huge chunks. Slabs are cut from these chunks and used for home installations. The patterns on granite are generally in two different categories, consistent and variegated. Consistent patterns are granite with very similar patterns; these patterns are very easy to fit into a spot with a seam. Variegated granite has patterns with flowing veins and is very distinct; the downside to this pattern is they are difficult to fit next to seams. Its highly suggested granite is sealed yearly in order to protect the stone from stains.


Out of the three stones, quartz is the only one with additive properties. The stone is 93 percent quartz and 7 percent resin when used commercially. Although the stone is not as natural as marble or granite, quartz does not require any sealing and is still stain resistant. A couple downsides to quartz include its sensitivity to sunlight, if the quartz is exposed to sunlight the stone can change color over time. Because quartz is so much heavier than granite, home installations can be very strenuous so let us do the heavy lifting!

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