Kitchen countertops and floors are not the only place you can be utilizing granite in your home. With an entire house, there’s so much more space you could be taking advantage of by adding that smooth shine of quartz, granite or marble to any surface. At Granite Creations we bring together professional and creative modeling to enhance your space.

The Bathroom:

Decorate this special space by adding granite countertops and backsplashes around your sink. Give your shower or tub the treatment they deserve by fitting them with beautiful granite backsplashes; there’s nothing better than watching water bounce right off these stones.

The Living Room:

Spruce up your relaxation space by adding granite frames around fireplaces. Have fire dance in your heart as the colors bounce off the walls, illuminating your living room. Give your home that fun feel and redesign your bar with granite countertops. Guests will fall in love with your home as you pour them another drink on your stunning redecoration.


In all reality, you’re constantly moving around your home so why not decorate the areas with the most travel time! Granite Creations has worked many projects in creating elegant stone walkways. Enjoy the walk to pick up the morning paper along a granite stone path as it winds through your garden.

If you have more questions on granite and our granite installation services, call the professionals at Granite Creations today at (413) 596-3144