Once you have purchased your new stone countertop, it is important to know a few things about the care and upkeep of it.

First off, it is important that after your countertop is installed it is impregnated with a sealer. This is already done by Granite Creations after installation, but some companies will have you do this on your own. Granite has many varieties and sealing is done at different intervals, depending on these factors:

  • Porosity of the granite or marble
  • Type and quality of sealer used
  • Quality of sealer application

Granite is a varyingly porous material and can be stained easily if something is spilled on the countertop. Immediately dab up any spills that occur, especially if it is a liquid that’s acidic, such as soda, tomato sauce, wine, or citrus juice. These liquids have the possibility of leaving a stain on your countertop.

There are a few simple rules that can be followed to assure your countertops stay looking brand new. The first rule is that you never use any cleaning products that are not generally used for granite countertops, especially if they are acidic or have ammonia in them. If you do not have specialized granite cleaner, only use warm water to clean the granite off, which will be effective for most messes. Be sure to never use any abrasive cleaning tools, such as brushes with firm bristles or coarse sponges because these can cause scratches in your granite.

Another great tip to keep your stone countertop looking new is to treat it carefully with hot pots, beverages, and plates/bowls. Although granite is a very resilient material and will not etch like marble, it is still good practice to use coasters, pot holders, and place mats to protect your granite. Not only does it protect it from extreme temperatures and liquids, it also puts a soft barrier between a hard object and the stone. This barrier makes sure that small grit does not get caught under pots, plates, and pans, which will minimize scratching on the countertop.

These steps are simple, and, if followed, will leave your stone countertops looking immaculate. If you have any questions about stone countertop upkeep or installation of a kitchen counter, call us at Granite Creations, 413-596-3144!